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Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 31.

The sound-effects were created by Antoine Bardoz. Many thanks to him.

The music was created by 'Technophobic Android' and was taken from opengameart.org. Many thanks to him/her as well.

Keyboard Controls (recommended):

WASD or Arrow keys to move/jump/crouch

Left Click to shoot

Right click to launch a flare

Control Pad Controls:

Left stick/D-pad to move

A to jump

B/Left trigger to crouch

Right trigger to shoot

Right bumper to launch a flare

Right stick to aim

After each night any used flares will be replaced and you will get to choose an upgrade.

Remember to use the light! You have a torch on your head that projects light in-front of you.


Hive.app.zip 17 MB
Hive_Linux.zip 18 MB
Hive_Windows.zip 16 MB